The product (neck wrap) was fantastic and I absolutely love the smell. I will be sharing with my out of town friends. These beat any commercial heating product out there.


-Avana G.

Cranbrook, BC

What people are saying about The Relaxation Hut...



Thank you so much for my full collection of wraps! I have them all and I love each one of them for different reasons. I am very impressed with the assortment of colours to choose from (not that it really matters but hey, we all love to take our time with these fine details!) Hot or cold they do the job and hold up well in the process. Even had my 4 year old using one for his upset tummy...Voila! All better!


- Sarah R.

Maple Ridge, BC

Your products are awesome! I bought 4 neck wraps from you for Christmas gifts and of course I had to keep one for myself. I have had it for 48 hrs and I have already used it both nights. Smells amazing and retains heat great. WHAT AN AWESOME DEAL! You can tell these are handmade with care...these are not cheap. HAPPY buyer here! Thanks again, Tammy :) I will be back!


-Cassie S.

Langley, BC

Bought one for my grandma at the Flea Market yesterday, she absolutely loves it! Not only does it smell amazing but the heat lasts a long time! I know where I am getting Christmas presents!


-Kaity C.

Surrey, BC

Love these! The smell is absolutely amazing! They do not take much to heat and it lasts forever! Such a relaxing thing to come home to after a long day. Also so impressed with Tammy and how quick I got my neck wraps and how extremely friendly and helpful she is! YOU ARE DOING GREAT :)


-Laura R.

Langley, BC

Very impressed with the design and stitching. Just a minute and a half in the microwave and it stays warm for hours. The lavender smell is amazing. Great for those aches and pains. Really enjoyed meeting Tammy and will definitely be ordering more.


-Colleen D.

Surrey, BC


I was so impressed with the quick delivery. I had my product in my hand within hours. This product plays a huge part in my house. One neck wrap in my freezer and one in my cupboard for heating up. With the lavender scent it sure helps any kind of recovery. Very relaxing. Even for the kids!


- Tiffany G.

Maple Ridge, BC

Love this product! Bought one for each family member for Christmas. Lovely extremely well made! Highly recommend.


-Wanda W.

Vancouver, BC

Excellent customer service. Bought four for Christmas presents. Had them by the next morning :) Will most definitely be buying more.


-Jessica S.

Maple Ridge, BC

I am so extremely happy with my lavender & flax products. When I am tired and just want to relax, I lay down with my eye pillow and the lavender smell just revives me. And when I go to bed the nice lavender is so relaxing that I fall asleep easier. Also, the thickness of the eye pillow filters out all the light which is nice. I now have the neck wrap. I have a sore neck and it makes it feel a lot better. I am so happy with your products! I really think they are wonderful.They are also affordable. Thank you so much!!


-Lis O.

Surrey, BC

One of the best things I have ever purchased! Tammy is phenomenal with her service and goes above and beyond customer service expectations. I definitely recommend the Relaxation Hut to anyone looking for a well done gift for themselves or other people!


-Serena S.

Langley, BC

Love the wraps I got for Christmas presents! Fabulously made, super cute colors and prints, plus they smell great! :) I'll definitely be back for more, they make great gifts and I want one for myself. Thank you so much!


- Morgan R.

Langley, BC

Thank you so much Tammy! I absolutely love my neck wrap and I know my mom will love the one I got her too!! It smells wonderful and feels great warmed up on tired achey muscles! Will definitely be back for more, they are such great gift ideas!! Also, thank you so much for taking the time to deliver right to my home! Cheers!


- Chantelle H.

Langley, BC

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